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The Baxter Arts Centre Mission & Mandate

The Baxter Arts Centre is a not-for-profit registered Charity that provides a creative community space for the delivery of arts related programs and services from our building in Bloomfield, Ontario.

It also operates as a small community centre, available for rental for parties, lectures and other events. The building was acquired in June 2011, with the purchase price, renovation cost and furnishings paid for primarily with donations and some grants. Initial programming commenced in the fall of 2012 and the Centre has continued to evolve and expand ever since.


Our Vision
A dynamic educational space where creativity meets community. 

Our Mission
We exist to create a wide range of arts and education programming, maintain the Don Baxter Memorial Building and local history, and share our well designed space to inspire and promote community events in the heart of Bloomfield, Ontario.


Our Values
The Baxter Arts Center’s work will be guided and informed by our commitments to: learning through experience, fostering creativity and our dedication to community. 


We provide opportunities to experience and enjoy a wide range of educational experiences focussed on inspiring creativity and growth. 


We promote opportunities for all ages and skill levels because we believe creative education and programming are fundamental to our well-being.


We value the pursuit of creative processes that inspire and change the lives of individuals, neighborhoods and communities. 


We believe creative education and experiences fosters discovery, mutual understanding and connections between people, places and cultures.

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We believe we need diversified sources of local funding and a committed volunteer base to ensure a sustainable future for the Baxter Arts Centre. 

Where Creativity meets Community
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