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What are you doing with your Ontario Licence Plate Sticker Refund?


While we are going ahead with the accessible walkway, material costs have increased and driven up our anticipated budget substantially. 


Your transportation windfall could benefit our shortfall. Your donation will help make the entrance into our building easier for those with mobility issues.


Whatever you can spare will be gratefully received, with tax receipts issued for all donations over $25.

Exciting Changes!

Baxter Walkway Artist Rendering.png

Our mandate at the Baxter Arts centre has always been to offer arts education and a community gathering space that is accessible to all.  However, because our entrance is at the top of a steep flight of concrete steps, the Baxter building itself has not been physically accessible to all.


We are very excited to announce that after several years of research, planning and fundraising, an accessible walkway will be constructed at the front of the Baxter Arts Center Building this spring! An artists rendering is above. Work on the tender will begin in the next few weeks with an anticipated launch date in March /April and construction taking place during the months of May and June.


This would not be possible without generous grants/donations from:


Federal Enabling Accessibility Fund (EAF)

The Parrott Foundation

The Huff Family Fund


Keep watching this space for updates!

Credit: FIA Interiors and Architecture, Erika Floysvik, Founder and Managing Partner of FIA